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The New Ikea Item That Can Save You $298 A Year

Homewares giant Ikea has just released a new product that could save you hundreds of dollars a year! They've given rechargeable batteries a makeup over creating a new sleek, convenient and affordable model.

The batteries were released in Australian stores earlier this week and sell for $4.44 for a pack of four, while the portable charger costs just $4. It's fit with a USB port so you can charge on the go.

According to IKEA consumers have shied away from rechargeable batteries for many reasons in the past.   

“Our customers told us that they find lots of challenges with using rechargeable batteries, such as that they are never charged when needed and require bulky charging stations,” says Ikea Australia Home Furnishing Expert Helen Longford.

“People also find them too costly.”

That's one of the reasons IKEA has been so careful about choosing a price that's realistic for all households. The Swedish store claims the rechargeable batteries are not only affordable but good for the environment, stating purchasing just one of their batteries can save up to 1500 disposable batteries from landfill. 

"This is a really small change that anyone can make in their home to reduce waste” said Langford. 

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