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Most Awkward Moment In Hell’s Kitchen Will Make You Squirm

The first episode of Australian Hell’s Kitchen went to air tonight and boy oh boy it did not disappoint.

We were introduced to all of the Aussie celebs taking part as they entered the kitchen one-by-one and took in their surroundings. Then, they were met by the man himself, Marco Pierre White.

He met each of the contestants, and asked them why there were there, taking part - most of them had the wrong answers.

His attention that fell onto David Oldfield, and when Marco asked what he did, it caused A LOT of awkwardness in the room.

David explained his current job was the very important job of raising his 4 and 6-year-old boys, of whom he shares with wife Lisa Oldfield.

He then revealed what he did before, spilling about his place in starting the One Nation party.

Cue crickets. It was the most awkward silence you can imagine, as his fellow contestants rolled their eyes, looked away and just generally looked as though they wanted to curl up into a ball…

I die.

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