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People Really, Really, Really Don't Like This Show!

We didn’t think another reality show could flop in as spectacular a fashion as The Biggest Loser Transformed did at the start of the year.

We were wrong.

It turns out people are even less impressed by the newest relationship reality endeavours of Channel Nine’s The Last Resort.


Just 414,000 metro viewers tuned in to the show’s explosive launch on Tuesday.

To put it in perspective, The Biggest Loser had 450,000 for its premier this year. It was soon enough banished to the relics of daytime TV.

However, The Last Resort isn’t alone in feeling the ratings pain right now.

Rival network, Channel Seven’s, Seven Year Switch has also suffered a drop in figures compared to last year, averaging 507,000 viewers on Wednesday, compared to an average of 828,000 in 2016.

Talking to News Corp, a “TV Insider” has been less than kind in their assessment of The Last Resort.


“Television has been abuzz with the success of a handful of relationship reality formats,” they said.

“But the spectacular failure of The Last Resort shows that viewers are not interested in poorly produced, poorly cast copycat shows.”

Like we said, OUCH.


While Married At First Sight had us hooked at the beginning of the year, are we now just over the relationship reality shows?

Considering the fact the ABC’s broadcast of the Budget speech scored more viewers (639,000) than both The Last Resort and Seven Year Switch… perhaps so.

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