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The Faux Pas Some Of The Bachelorette Favs Have Already Made

Ahead of the Bachelorette premiere on Wednesday this week, Sophie Monk was asked: What are some of your 'dating disaster stories'. 

And there's one that has stuck in our mind... 

While no one wants to fall into a bush while trying to impress a hot date... or having an over eager date 'kidnap you' on an evening that just doesn't seem to end... 

It's her comments about a man with a velvet suit tat made us take notice. 

Sophie describes one of her worst dating experiences when a guy wore a VELVET SUIT on two dates and her OCD kicked in so she couldn't stop stroking it.

"I dated a guy that wore a velvet jacket twice, and I can't stand velvet," Sophie said.

"I have like an OCD thing about it, where if I rub it with one hand I have to rub it with the other hand and the other hand... so it was really awkward date, if that makes sense!"

Flash forward to the first night of the Bachelorette and a number of frontrunners were wearing... VELVET SUITS. 

Apollo, Blake, Pete, James...

And while we wouldn't mind an excuse to stroke Apollo's muscular bod, it's not the best first impression in terms of fashion stakes. 

Wonder if she will hold it against them... Or one of the boys was perhaps the man in question? 

We may never know... 

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