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The Cringeworthy Moment MAFS Dean Confesses To Cheating

Dean seems to like his brunettes... 

Tracey, Davina, Tracey again. 

But what happens when he is forced to admit to his indiscretions on camera in front of Tracey's nearest and dearest? 

It's cringey to say the least. 

It began with an intense interrogation as Tracey sat there and smiled. 

Dean nervously explained how he almost left his new 'bride' in the early days of their 'marriage' for another bride but insisted it was just talk. 

But was then confronted on why he then went to humiliate Tracey again by only apologising in public on camera. 

(We all know it is reality TV, so as if he was going to get out of that one). 

The clip ends with the group seemingly accepting the new member of their clan, but we can't be too sure what their real take away was after meeting Tracey's new beau. 

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