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Block Teams Left FUMING After ‘Most Hated Couple’ Take Prize

When you star on the block, there’s one thing you have your eye on when it comes down to the auctions; how much profit you receive over your reserve prize.

So, if you had the opportunity to knock cash off the auction reserve price, it’s something EVERYONE would want.

And The Block contestants were left fuming on Sunday's show when Kim and Chris took out the first $20,000 prize, for their terrace.

Will and Karlie vented to camera after their rivals were named winners, with Will saying: 'They said oh, "no one is happy that we won." But mate, you definitely screwed over everyone else to win!'

During the week, the other teams were heard complaining about the lack of budget allocated to their respective rooms from Kim, who was in charge of accounts. Kim and husband Chris meanwhile were thrilled that they won but admitted their win made them the 'most hated couple after tonight.'

The pair's rival Julia wasn't impressed with their win and said to camera: 'They need the $20,000 because they have a shocking apartment, so good luck to them!

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