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The Block Contestant’s Epic Tirade Over ‘Bogan’ Judge

Shaynna Blaze has found herself the target of contestant Carleen’s ire on the latest episode of The Block.

After Carleen and husband Dan scored just 17 out of 30 for their guest bedroom, the show’s oldest contestants let rip.

Calling the reality judge a “bogan from nowhere”, it seems she was unaware that while cameras weren't rolling she was still being recorded.

“To call this a mishmash and the stuff they’ve said is terribly insulting,” she said of the judging.

“I will find it very hard to meet them.”

WATCH The Moment Carleen lets rip into Shaynna...

It’s not the first time Shaynna’s been called a bogan.

In 2014, former contestant Dee Jolly’s anger also focused in on the Interior Designer for her comments during judging.

At the time, Dee called Shaynna the “bogan from Wantirna” who had no idea about styling.

She went on to warn the judge to stay away from her at the wrap party.

At the time Shaynna called Dee a sore loser, pointing out the inconsistencies in her comments.

“It’s no surprise to hear such comments when contestants lose, but it’s interesting that they don’t have these opinions when they win,” she told the Herald Sun.

While she’s refused to comment on Carleen’s latest slur, we’re guessing Shaynna used to tired, grumpy contestants by now.

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