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The Best True Crime Podcasts To Kick Off Your New Year

There's no denying that True Crime was definitely one of 2018's buzz words, with almost everyone giving the genre a go.

If you haven't already listened to these killer podcasts, well, they will have you hooked and wanting more.

Here are some of our favourites must-listen podcasts which will give you so much incredible fodder for your water-cooler chats at work.

Teacher's Pet
The podcast that captured so many hearts, The Teacher's Pet is a podcast hosted by The Australian's Hedley Thomas, that investigates the spine tingling cold case disappearance of NSW mother and wife, Lyn Dawson.

Monster: The Zodiac Killer
The podcast dives into one of the most notorious, unsolved serial killing sprees in history. Even with sketches, letters to the press and more, many questions still remain about the Zodiac Killer...

Crime In Sport
Two comedians take a look at a different incident each episode, and have a bit of a laugh (where appropriate!) at some of the darker stories from the sports world.

Dr Death
This addictive podcast follows the life of former America neurosurgeon Christopher Duntsch, nickname - Dr Death, who was the surgeon behind several botched surgeries which result in pretty terrifying cases.

Sword And Scale
This podcast brings you down to the underworld of criminal activity, and follows the monsters that perform the most unthinkable crimes..

Broken Harts
In March of 2018, Sarah and Jennifer Hart packed their six adopted children into their SUV and ended up driving off a 100 foot cliff, which killed everyone inside. This podcast follows the details surrounding this shocking story.

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