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The Best Pixar Movie Of All Time Has Been Named

Woody: "You, Are, A, Toyyyyy! You're not the real thing. You're an action figure.

You are a child's play thing!"

Buzz Lightyear: You are a sad, strange little man. Farewell.

Ah, Toy Story. The most iconic and fab Pixar movie that ever there was, and the internet agrees!

According to, well, the internet, the film, which is 18 years old (**cue freak out**) has been voted as the BEST Pixar movie EVER.

The film scored top spot on Ranker, a website for the peoples of the internet to cast votes with no time limit, so the results change in real time.

Starring Tom Hanks (Woody) and Tim Allen (Buzz Lightyear), the ground-breaking piece of cinema was pivotal to revolutionising the animation movement.

Aimed at kids, but enjoyed by all ages, Toy Story brought to life timeless and relatable characters in a colourful world that, let’s face it, most kids have dreamed of!

Pixar’s Chief Creative Officer, John Lasseter, told Entertainment Weekly during a 2011 interview that the ideas for the film were “insane at the time”.

"Digital nonlinear film editing, digital sound editing, digital optical printing, and 3-D computer animation,” he said. "They were crazy, nutty ideas, and of course, that's [now] the way everything is made across the world."

Pixar came to Disney with several ideas for a film to be made with the new technology, however, they were taken out of the running when Disney rejected them. Eventually, they settled on creating a film based on the idea that toys were desperate for children to play with them, and this desire to be loved drives everything they do.

At the time, Lasseter knew that even though what they were creating was cutting edge, there were still some limitations.

"Like Toy Story - we couldn't do humans very well, so we kept them in the background, you just see feet and hands and stuff like that. But we could do plastic well, so making a film where the main characters were made of plastic was perfect." He told the Guardian in an interview.

Toy Story is increasingly popular with this whole new generation and will only continue to grow because of its simplistic and clever take on reality. 

“To infinity and beyooooond!”


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