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Bachie Finale 2018: And The Winner Is...?

ALRIGHT. The time has come to grab that mid-week glass of wine and judge the decisions of Nick "the Honey Badger" Cummins.

I mean, not sure on the point now Cass AND Brooke are out of the picture (OR ARE THEY) but let’s go through this anyway.

Here’s scene-by-scene of my emotions watching The Bachelor 2018 Finale!

Mmk, THE BADGEY is getting pissed on the flight pre-decision and we’re taken to an episode of The Getaway.

It’s Wonder Woman VS Barbie. Let the fight begin.

Bachie’s arrived, ukulele and all (he must miss Cass) and after a few epic drone shots on the beach we’re in a Cummin’s family reunion. I must say everyone is VERY well colour coordinated (props to the wardrobe department). Even Britt’s in Blue!

WHERE IS BROOKE!?! They all want to know where Brooke is. He tells them why she left but IT WASN’T WHAT SHE SAID NICK!?! She didn’t say she missed her family, she said you weren’t giving her what she emotionally needed. AND YOU LET HER GO!

Britt tells Nick's sister that she wants to have Nick’s babies. After she finds out what REALLY happened between him & Cass first of course. Then Nick drops how confused he is about both girls INFRONT OF BRITT’S FACE and she aint happy.

Badgey’s big bro Luke interrogates Soph on the hard stuff, she cries and it’s all good (question = avoided). Does anyone else think big bro Lukey is totes Bachie 2019 potential? YAS.

Badge & the fam discuss his options, and they realise what he really needs is someone a little inbetween both of the ladies… I dno… Someone maybe… LIKE BROOKE!?

His family are super sweet though, gotta love the Cummins clan and their love of Nick.


Now it’s time for the FINAL FINAL dates and Nick takes Soph jetskiing to a private beach and they pash for a while… Then they pash for a little longer. There’s a lot of pashing.

Sophie expresses more emotions than we’ve ever seen… She tells Nick SHE’S IN LOVE WITH HIM (pretty much) and he says NOTHING!

HE SAYS NOTHING! I’m actually yelling at the TV. She keeps going with her feeling and he just shuts her up with another big pash.

Okay he said “I’m happy you’re here with me” in response. But C’mon mate. Time to express yo self a little.

Britt’s final date, and Badge takes her to another high-top view adventure.

It’s pretty obvious he likes Britt more, they definitely connect on a deeper level than him and Soph. She POURS her heart out to him and THANK GOD this time he actually gives a little back. He tells Britt he’s not ready for what she wants BUT IS ON THE BACHELOR TO FIND LOVE!?

At least he said something in return, that’s a pretty big step for ol Badgey. Brooke was right all along…

Ok… It’s crunch time guys and gals. IT’S TIME!!!!

Osher’s here, things are getting serious. There’s no helicopter with Brooke in it just yet…

Both the gals look absolutely bangin’ and I actually don’t know who he’s going to pick. That spiel of doubt with Britt has really altered my assumptions here…

Nope I’ve called it, Soph’s gone. He’s not smiling! He seems so sad already.

OMG SOPHIE!!!!!!!!!


AWWWW MAAYYYNNN!! She’s so sweet. She’s so devo, shame. He didn’t give her a reason… Coz he can’t express emotions! POOR SOPH!

Now it's time to tell Wonder Woman she's the woman of his dreams, YES Badgey! HOW BOW DAT!


Wait, wut?



WHAT THE F***K!??!?!!?!?!!?!?!?!?


Omg I feel so bad for him. I’m sorry about everything I’ve said Badgey.



The girls are together and legit plotting a pussy riot.


How can you not be ready though Nick? YOU IZ ON DA BACHELOR!? Regardless I’m crying for him anyway.

#HopeNickFindsLove #ShoutOutToDaLadies


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