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Bachelor Contestant That Has Everyone Under Her Spell

She was voted off on last night’s The Bachelor but Akoulina Ktoiants reckons there’s a guaranteed winner already on the show.

When asked to pick a winner, Akoulina told Popsuar ‘’Lisa, because she made quite an impression on him.'


She continued: 'She is quite mysterious and I think they are a good match.'

Lisa was the standout star on the first night of The Bachelor last week, with the 24-year-old stunning viewers thanks to her good looks.

With Akoulina being booted off the show, she left saying ''I really think that Matty is just that right person for me. I know that I really have a lot to offer and I just want him to see that,'

'I wish you nothing but the best,' said Matty as he sent her packing.

There was no reason given for Akoulina’s exit with many fans wondering why she was let go so soon.

The Bachelor continues tonight at 7:30PM at Channel Ten.

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