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The Amount Judge Judy Gets Paid Will Make Your Eyes Water

You probably remember Judge Judy a few years ago when she was at her peak.

EVERYONE would watch her, and her witty quips as she took smarmy defendants down in one fell swoop.

Her cranky nature is almost as infamous as her witty questions and sarcastic attitude - and you couldn’t help but laugh along as you watched, even though what you were watching was meant to be a serious court case.

Well, it’s now been revealed just how much Judge Judy gets paid - and let me tell you, it’s enough to make your eyes water.

Coming in just shy of $1.2m per week, the Judge rakes in $62 million annually.

That means that over the show’s 19 years on age, Judge Judith Scheindlin has grossed an incredible $2.2 billion.

Judge Judy's most famous case. A woman on the show claimed that two men stole her purse, which had $50 in it, along with other items, including an earpiece. One of the men said the earpiece wasn't inside the purse. It took just 26 seconds for a verdict to be decided.

Now, Rebel Entertainment Partners, who are the successor-in-interest to the talent agency that packaged Judge Judy, allege that Judge Judy’s salary is being unfairly deducted from the show’s gross profits, according to a report on

To put it simply, she’s getting too large of a cut. “Defendants agreed to pay Scheindlin an upfront salary that is far in excess of any person in non-scripted television, and then included that fee in the Show’s production expenses, thereby preventing Rebel from receiving any back end compensation,” writes Rebel’s attorney Bryan J. Freedman.


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