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Survivor Fans Copped An Absolute EYEFUL During Tonight's Ep

If you know your Survivor, you’ll know that Locky is the competitor that the women, on the show and off the show, have their eye on.

For us off screen, it’s not his motives to win that have us watching, either.

In tonight’s episode, Locky captured the attention of viewers everywhere when he took part in the waterslide rugby challenge; it was quite the show.

Basically it was up to Locky to get the final point for the team after it was a draw.

The only problem is, his pants came down, ALL the way down… F

ighting tooth and nail, Locky was pounced on, he leaped on others, all with his meat and two veg on full display for all his campmates to see.

The fact that the whole thing was blurred was a little disappointing, but hey, it still made for GREAT watching…


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