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Sullivans Star Susan Hannaford's Bizarre ACA Appearance

Former Aussie TV star Susan Hannaford's name is now well and truly been back in the headlines after having such a low profile at one point a few years ago there were calls to see if she was in hiding.

Best remembered for playing young Kitty Sullivan on the hit show during the 70's and 80's, Susan had dropped off the radar in recent times, before a recent interview with Channel 7's Sunday Night program saw her back in the spotlight.


Susan in her Sullivans heyday 

Now in her 60s, Susan has spoken to A Current Affair from her $50 million home in Beverly Hills, Hollywood.

"It's such a big exciting pond over here and I think it's challenging and exciting and I wanted to further my business," she told ACA.

After 20 years of living in relative hiding, Susan claims she's been 'stitched up' after her recent interview with Sunday Night.

'I may have played meek and mild Kitty Sullivan, but today I am angry and I'm very upset about what's been done to me!'

Susan had told the program she had at one point owned 22 properties in America worth around a quarter of a billion dollars.

But Sunday Night claimed there were 'serious questions about how Susan raised that money and where it all went'.

She allegedly owes $4.65 million to the Commonwealth Bank of Australia, and $1.5million in taxes to the IRS in the US.

Susan denied both claims during the interview, and has now told ACA that she taken out a $100 million lawsuit to sue two Australian media outlets.

"I am extremely angry. I'm furious," she said.

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