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Steve Price & Christopher Pyne Go Toe-To-Toe On The Project

Things got a little heated between Christopher Pyne and Steve Price when they appeared on The Project last night.

The panel were talking about NSW Premier Mike Baird's shock resignation when Price had a big dig at the defence industry minister.

"The great thing about what he did today is, unlike most politicians, he put self-preservation to one side," Price said

"He put ego to one side, and that's a lesson I think a lot of people - including the bloke on the end of your desk tonight - might learn," he added

Pyne fired back at Price who was speaking to the panel via satellite.

"Steve, it's remarkable to me that a guy whose shirt is the same colour as his fake tan is roasting me," the Liberal MP said.

"I'm surprised you can see me through those silly glasses," said Price, referring to Pyne's black spectacles, which he wasn't actually wearing.

"He's not wearing the glasses!" said host Waleed Aly

The two continued to bicker with Price telling a story about Pyne confusing him with fellow shock jock Ray Hadley!

Watch the full exchange above.



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