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Sinead O’Connor Breaks Down In Tearful Plea For Help

Sinead O’Connor emotionally pleaded for help from her family and opened up about her mental illness in a rambling Facebook video posted from a motel she is living in. 

“I hope that this video is somehow helpful, not only to me but the fact that I’m one of millions and millions and millions of people in the world just like me actually, that don’t have necessarily the resources I have in my heart of my purse for that matter, [sic]” Sinead began, clearly distressed.

Sinead admits that she suffers from three mental illnesses and now lives in a Travelodge motel in New Jersey.

On top of that, she also has a kidney stone and is “all by herself”.

The 50-year-old Irish singer said that she was “staying alive for the sake of others” like her psychiatrist and if it up to her, she’d “be gone”.

Sinead also felt that she had a severe lack of support from her family, saying that strangers on Facebook were kinder to her than they were.

One Facebook user, Jeni Evison said: "Sinead, I go to bed every night worried about you. I wake up and tentatively log onto Facebook because of my worry for you. If you need someone to come get you, I will drive from Fredericksburg VA and bring you back with me. We can find a place for you here. You need to come and sit in the healing waters of the Alum Springs, you need to eat wonderfully made vegetarian foods or fantastic BBQ with slaw on top. I am going to PM you my number, call me if you need an ear.”

Sinead also openly asked a friend to help her find accommodation, which was kept public on the page.

Obviously, Sinead’s condition has concerned many of her followers, family and friends.

As a result, a follow-up Facebook post, written on her behalf, said the singer is safe and not suicidal.

So so sad.

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