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Samuel Johnson Is Going To Vanquish Cancer

Samuel Johnson has given his first interview following the death of his sister Connie to breast cancer earlier this month.

On Channel 10’s The Project last night, Sam appointed himself as the “Head of Cancer Vanquishment” and vowed to “accelerate the push for a cure”.

Samuel, who had just flown from a private service celebrating his sister’s life, said that he was “sick of tapping families that can’t afford it.”

“Everyone on ground level is doing enough,” he told the panel. “So I’m out for the rest now.”

“And I’m not going to stop, I’ll employ nearly any tactic, I’ve just realised I’ve gone pretty soft so far.”

Sam truly believes that he has not done enough to “vanquish” the disease that has caused so much pain to so many.

“I’ve realised this isn’t the end,” Sam said, “I’ve realised this is just the beginning, mate, she was training her little brother up to do her work when she was gone and I’m ready for that.”

While we all can’t even begin to thank and applaud him for what he has done already, Samuel Johnson is unstoppable.

The Love Your Sister campaign has raised a total of $7,085,266 at last count and as Waleed Aly said, “that money is changing lives”.

$3 Million has gone directly to the Garvan Institute of Medical Research which created the Connie Johnson Breast Cancer Lab.

Connie’s last project, The Big Heart Project, raised more than $2 Million, but it was her work behind the scenes that made the biggest impact.

'The life of the dead is placed in the memory of the living.' - Cicero We got this.

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In 2014, the Federal Government announced the $20 billion Medical Research Future Fund, which is money provided for researchers to turn their ground-breaking lab discoveries into real-world treatments and cures.

Connie worked tirelessly to get the government to give these funds by meeting with politicians in Canberra on her own, as Sam didn’t want to “get political”, however, her determination has paid off.

This year alone, 135 thousand Australians will be newly diagnosed with cancer, 45 thousand of those will lose their battle.

Professor Doug Hilton from the Walter and Eliza Institute of Medical Research was part of the package the Project put together last night.

“The money makes a huge difference, but she also brings motivation,” he said. “Knowing that there are people like Connie that are passionate about what you’re doing, keeps our eyes on the big prize.”

Sam has now created "Connie Cottonsocks" in honour of his sister and you can buy them HERE to continue raising funds for cancer awareness.

Watch the full chat here:


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