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Salim Mehajer’s Latest Instagram Post Has People Worried

Salim Mehajer is a bit of a social media fiend.

He’s either incredibly smart in how he operates, or a little all over the place - that part, we can’t quite figure out.

Just a few weeks ago, he was splashed all over television screens, with secret footage of him threatening his estranged wife Aysha down the phone finding its way into the hands of the media.

Now, since then, he’s been louder than ever on his social media accounts.

He’s been posting throwback photos of himself with his estranged wife Aysha and photos of himself when he was younger.

Now, he’s posted a photo of himself sitting in a robe on a hospital bed at Royal North Shore hospital.He had been visiting with a neurosurgeon and uploaded a photo to think the doctor and nurses that he dealt with.

He captioned the image with: 'It's always been a fear of mine partaking in surgery on risky areas, however, I can comfortably say I have never, ever felt as safe as I did in the hands of Dr. Michael Biggs of North Shore Neurosurgery.'

'To add, all credit must be given to the amazing nurses at The Royal North Shore Hospital, whom have all been so amazing and have treated me with the utmost care.

Who would've thought being ill could feel this good?

But then again, in the hands of such caring individuals, I'd expect nothing less.

God Bless all our nurses.' He’s remained tight-lipped about what he was doing in hospital.

Hopefully it’s not anything too serious…

Source: Daily Mail

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