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Rumour Has It Brad Pitt And Jennifer Lawrence Are DATING

Brad Pitt and Jennifer Lawrence are both names that have been thrown into the mix of discussions of major celebrity break ups this year.

Brad's playboy-esque ways are rumoured to be the cause of the split between him and wife Angelina Jolie, while Jennifer was allegedly listed as the reason why Chris Pratt and Anna Faris broke up.

Both incidents which broke hearts not only within the couples involved but across the world. Seriously fans felt the break-ups hard...

But now it seems that Brad has a thing for Jen's and may have actually found love with Miss Lawrence!

According to Star Magazine, there are rumours that the 54-year-old heavyweight actor has "landed the woman of his dreams" in 27-year-old J-Law.

"Brad and Jennifer have been enjoying lots of late nights together. There's an intense connection between them!" a source told the mag.

The insider also claimed that Brad has been keen on the Hunger Games actress for quite some time and has now taken his chance with her since her recent split from boyfriend Darren Aronofsky.

But seriously, if the rumours are true we're not sure how we feel about this pairing. Sure they have a lot in common, they're both gorgeous and seriously talented in the acting department...

But we're barely just getting over the way that Brad broke Jennifer Aniston's heart when he left her for Angelina (and we've only just realised how insanely messy it is to describe Brad's love life...)

I mean we want them to be happy and all, but we don't think we have the strength to deal with a second Brad/Jen romance.

Luckily neither Brad Pitt nor Jennifer Lawrence have commented on the rumours as of yet so looks like we're safe for the time being.

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