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Molly Meldrum Crashes Samuel Johnson's Gold Logie Speech

As Samuel Johnson took to the stage to accept his Gold Logie - his second Logie win of the night - it was clear how emotional the moment was for the actor.

But not long after beginning his speech, the 38-year-old was joined on stage by the very man who had been the subject of his award-winning turn, Molly Meldrum, who took control of the microphone.

Molly, who suffered a brain injury after falling from a ladder in 2011, was helped on stage by his personal assistant and mumbled and swore as a shocked audience looked on

According to reports from inside the Palladium ballroom at Melbourne's Crown Casino, the show's floor manager was seen crouched to one side of the stage, trying to catch presenter Dave Hughes' eye and imploring Samuel to intervene.

Eventually, Molly's PA and the show's trophy presenter helped the Aussie legend present Samuel with his own "Molly" hat, painted gold for the occasion.

Speaking to Jonesy and Amanda the morning after the show, Samuel revealed that he had listened back to Molly's speech three times, and understood that it came from a good place.

"He was talking about my dad, who's dead, they used to be drinking buddies... He really meant well," he said. "Whether it was a combination of the brain injury and the alcohol... he's getting harder to understand."

Samuel later finished his speech in the press room, apologising for not thanking his sister Connie, who is battling cancer, and their Facebook "village".

"I'm not a TV personality, I am a Facebook personality and as far as I can tell even if you factor in the viewing numbers of Molly and even if you factor in Molly's inherent iconography, it doesn't explain me being in that [Gold Logie] category," he said.

"To me, our lovely Sister village had a lot to do with it and I am so annoyed I didn't have the presence of mind to acknowledge them. 

"I had it all planned. This is about Connie for me... and the village who wanted their snotty-nosed brother to give it a crack."

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