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Prince George's Favourite Disney Movie Is So Cute!

Turns out Prince George has similar taste in Disney movies as many of us. 

Dad Prince William opened up while visiting the Bemond British Pullman train alongside a group of children, saying George's favourite Disney movie is The Lion King. 

So he's not the only one who "Just can't wait to be king!"

"He quite likes The Lion King. He's watched that a few times," Prince William said to the group. 

"Trying to keep him off the television is hard work."

The heir to the throne also reportedly quite likes the Lego movies and British kids' show The Octonauts. 

Apparently it's not just George that has to focus on the TV when it's turned on...

"George gets very upset if you're not showing due diligence to the characters," William said in a previous interview with BBC. 

Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge today announced that their third child is due in April 2018. 

The couple were forced to announce the pregnancy early, after Kate once again suffered from extreme morning sickness.

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