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Prime Minister Scott Morrison Has Joined Snapchat

Looks like Australia’s Prime Minister Scott Morrison is trying to connect with his younger voters and stay hip after his latest move ahead of the federal election.

ScoMo has gone and joined Snapchat! And it’s honestly the most CRINGE thing ever!

The PM announced the news of his widening social presence on his Twitter account last night, telling people to go and follow him for updates!

Morrison used his first upload on Monday evening to post a video plugging the Government’s upcoming Budget reveal tonight [Tuesday night].

“It’s a big week to come onto Snapchat because it’s the Budget tomorrow night,” ScoMo says in the selfie video.

“I look forward to giving you more updates about what the Budget means for you.”

Good on him for giving it a go we guess but we don’t really think people are going to start flocking to Snapchat to check out the PM’s budget updates and policies.

Plus, should someone tell ScoMo that the kids are all about the Instagram stories now, not Snapchat?

We wonder if he’ll bring out some of the funny filter’s in his next post!

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