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Twitter Thinks Rachel Should Have Picked Joey Over Ross

There is so much truth to this thread of tweets that I have no idea how to feel about the show anymore.

Love it or hate it, Joey and Rachel had a RANDO love arc while they were living together in the show – and seriously, it got mega mixed reviews.

Twitter user Claire Willett, aka @kaneandgriffin, has put together a 100 point thesis on how Joey and Rachel were the TRUE couple of Friends.

Thankfully, the romance was forgotten about, and (decade old spoiler alert) Rachel ended up with Ross after she got off the plane to Paris.

Explaining that she is ‘absolutely ride-or-die anti-Ross Geller, who is for my money one of television’s all-time worst human men’, Claire gave several arguments as to why Joey was the one for Rach.

You will never look at Friends the same way again!

Taken directly from Twitter of @kaneandgriffin:

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