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Pauline Hanson's New Book Cover Will Ruffle A Few Feathers

Pauline Hanson is a politician who undenyable polarises opinion. 

So when we heard that she published a book called "In Her Own Words" we knew it was going to be fiery. 

But it was the cover image that really struck a chord. 

Reminiscent of her stunt in parliament, Hanson donned a burqa (which happened to be misspelled in the press release) for the photo shoot. 


“In recent years, Australians have become disappointed with the quality of their political representatives, and I understand that," Hanson said. 

"I hope that in publishing a selection of my speeches that Australians will better know who I am and can be better informed when they cast their vote. We have one people, one flag and we are one nation” 

What do you think? 

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