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McCartney Puts On Intimate Concert For Handful Of Perth Fans

Australia is the 15th of a 16-country world tour for Paul McCartney, and not only was Perth the start of his stint Down Under, it was also the only place he held an exclusive, intimate Q&A session with some of his most devoted fans.

Yep, we were the only city where he took time out for about 40 (very) lucky McCartney-loving West Australians.

It was odd walking into a near-empty Regal Theatre… especially to see one of the most influential musicians in the world.

Then, without any fuss, Sir Paul simply sauntered onto the unlit stage and, instead of perching himself behind the microphone ready to take fans’ questions straight away, he immediately freaked everyone out by walking down the side stage and introduced himself to everyone. Like personally, with a handshake. All of us.

Once everyone picked up their jaws from the floor, he readied himself for regular punters to ask their burning questions.

One of the first questions was regarding his inspiration when it came to songwriting, and what drove him about making music, particularly now that he’s 75.

“Sex and drugs,” McCartney deadpanned.

But he wasn’t completely wrong. He described the process as a kind of drug.

He said it was a magical thing, that when you start to write a song, you have nothing… only to suddenly produce a rabbit out of a hat.

“And it feels good - you get a bit addicted to that feeling,” he said.

“And then you perform it with an audience, and you get addicted to that too.”

Fan questions covered setlists and the comparison between touring now and when he was a Beatle, and what he would get up to on his day off between shows… and he told us a bizarre story about… well, Mandurah.

And he pronounced Mandurah correctly. Amazing.

“When I was in Perth, we used to go down to Mandurah and swim down there when the kids were little and I remember swimming with dolphins,” he said.

McCartney went on to say he had rented a small sailboat, and while he was out on the water, he felt like he was suddenly in a movie:

“Dolphins appeared, like on the bow wave,” he said.

“I’ve only seen that in films, so this is like ‘woah, it’s like I’m in the movies’.”

He then said how he had remembered that dolphins were intelligent, and tried to communicate with them.

 “So, what did I do? I start singing Strangers In The Night,” he said.

“I just hoped they were Sinatra fans”

Sir Paul wrapped the session, that went for about a half hour, and he launched straight into a short and sweet set for his super-intimate audience - and not acoustic either, we’re talking his full band.

To say it was an unforgettable afternoon was a fricken understatement.

For those who have a ticket to his concert, which kicks off at nib Stadium on Saturday, not even kidding, gird your loins, you’re about to have the night of your life.

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