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Nick ‘Honey Badger’ Cummins Rumoured To Be Next Bachelor

Network Ten took a new spin on the Bachelor franchise last year when they decided to get someone with a high celebrity profile to look for love on the show. In the past, most suitors have either been a nobody or an ex-contestant who was unlucky in love the first time around.

But it seems that after their ratings success with Aussie star Sophie Monk as the Bachelorette, Network Ten have decided to go down a similar path this year with rumour circling that Rugby Union player Nick ‘The Honey Badger’ Cummins will be the next Bachelor.

Now if you don’t know the name Nick Cummins or why he calls himself ‘The Honey Badger’ then PLEASE do yourself a favour and do a quick search for ‘Nick Cummins interviews’ on youtube. The guy is a downright Aussie larrikin and you literally won’t be able to watch anything else all day.

And well a source has allegedly told Woman’s Day Channel Ten have noticed The Honey Badger’s star potential and have decided to bring his hilarious wit and down-to-earth personality onto their reality franchise to find romance.

“He’s going to be great for the franchise. Funny, witty, with a huge cult following. This is stroke of genius for the network,” the source said to Woman’s Day.

We certainly agree that putting the 30-year-old on national television to find love is a stroke of genius. Can you just IMAGINE the things that will come out of this loose cannon’s mouth when he’s placed in a room with 24 single girls.

“Would ya accept this rose love?” and then a piece-to-camera of Nick saying “I was sweating more than a gypsy with a mortgage while I waited for her to accept me rose” is the image that comes to our mind (seriously watch some of his interviews...)

It will make for amazing television that’s for sure. Please let these rumours be true Network Ten!

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