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Next Month You Can Legit Buy THAT Britney Spears' Umbrella

Everyone remembers that time in 2007 when Britney Spears kind of lost her marbles, shaved her head, and went on a rampage against the paparazzi with a green umbrella.

Even if you weren't old enough to see it all go down at the time, you've surely heard about it since.

The breakdown occurred when the singer was in the middle of a heated custody battle with ex Kevin Federline and involved Spears jumping out of her car and swinging the umbrella at the paps who wouldn't leave her alone.

The iconic moment sparked a great deal of jokes and memes and now it appears that the famous, green brolly used to attacked the relentless media is up for auction!

Daniel Ramos, one of the photographers that was actually hit and injured during the umbrella wielding attack has kept hold of the piece of memorabilia and is said to be putting it under the hammer on August 10.

So any crazed Britney fans out there, this is your moment! Get those auction paddles ready.

But don't even think about trying to snatch up the infamous merch unless you're willing to fork out the big bucks.

Ramos is expecting to sell the umbrella for a whopping $50,000, with fifty percent of proceeds said to be donated to charity.

This is despite the fact that it's actually broken and can't be used for rain shielding purposes... But I guess it would be the perfect accessory for a dress up party right?

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