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New Sneak Peak Of Bachelor In Paradise Australia

Late last night as many couples were busy celebrating Valentine’s Day, the day of love, Channel Ten were hard at work promoting their new show about finding love, Bachelor In Paradise Australia.

A new extended trailer was uploaded to the show’s Facebook page last night giving us a closer look into the show that is set to feature all of our old Bachie favourites. And we have to say it is jam packed with ALL the drama and one major bombshell.

The sneak peek opens on a close up shot of Tara. But instead of showing us the hilarious Tara that we all came to love on the Bachelor, Channel Ten decide to tug on our heart strings.

They replay the moment that Matty J broke our gals heart, just in case watching it the first time round wasn’t hard enough.

We then continue through a montage of breakups throughout the many seasons and watch as people like Jarrod, Lisa and Apollo fail to hold back the tears as their make their show exits.

Clever move there Ten…hit us where it hurts to get us hooked.

And just when we think we can’t relive another Bachie breakup, the soppy background music suddenly changes and we’re transported to an exotic island. “Welcome to Paradise”, announces Osher.

Okay let’s get down to it, this is who we know is definitely appearing on the show:

Blake Garvey's Season - Laurina and Lisa

Matty J’s Season - Florence and Tara

Sophie Monk’s Season - Jarrod and Apollo

Sam Frost’s Season - Davey and Michael

Richie Strahan's Season - Keira

Tim Robards' Season - Ali

Now simple maths would tell us that there must be more people to come since there’s an uneven guy to girl ratio but there’s also the possibility that this is a ploy to guarantee some love triangles.

And if so, it definitely seems to work! While we see lots of holding hands and smooching in the promo we also catch a glimpse at a whole heap of tears, meltdowns and what Tara describes as “a love square.”

Now to that bombshell that we promised. Towards the end of the trailer a series of words are flashed across the screen.

“There will be love… There will be heartache… And there will be… A PROPOSAL

Hooley dooley!! A freaking proposal! Here’s hoping this one goes a little better than the time that Blake tried it at the end of his season…

To watch the trailer click here

Bachelor In Paradise Australia is coming to TEN very soon! Bring on the drama!

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