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New Show With No Talking Has People In Tears The Whole Time

You may have heard about the new show Ray Martin is heading up on SBS, called ‘Look Me In The Eye’.

The premise for the show is that two people who are estranged sit across from each other and stare at each other for a period of five-to-ten minutes.

They’re not to say a word. Following the silence, participants are given the choice to talk or leave.

Sue, who was married to Gary for 33-years before separating invited him to join her on the show, but wasn’t sure he’d turn up, as the two aren’t on speaking terms.


“It was so intense,” Sue told ahead of the show going to air.

“I didn’t even think Gary would turn up and when I heard those footsteps I thought it was Ray Martin coming to tell me he hadn’t come. “I looked up and saw Gary and burst into tears.”

While the experience was difficult and emotionally draining, Sue said they got a lot out of the five minutes of silence. She said that even though neither of them looked after their marriage and they eventually lost it, the five minutes made Sue see all of the good things she loved about him.


“All the events of the past 33 years came flooding back and a series of events went through my mind from the children, to camping holidays to so many different memories.

“It was all positive and we reconnected.”

Sue said going on the show was life-changing and she doesn’t regret it for a second.

“People are estranged for different reasons, but everyone should do this,” she said.


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