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MKR Teams Battle Severe Illness Before Cook-Off

Sleep deprivation and serious chest infections hindered the two My Kitchen Rules teams competing in tonight's sudden-death challenge.

Nelly Riggio and her partner JP Huillet battled serious illness in the days leading-up to their cook-off with fellow Queenslanders Alex Ebert and Gareth Cochran.

Riggio says the stress of competing, long working days and sleep deprivation meant many of the contestants were run down at varying stages of filming.

She said she and JP were basically bed ridden in the days leading up to Tuesday night's team challenge and still under weather going into Wednesday's cook-off.

"We were very sick. We had a chest infection and the flu and JP had to sleep on the couch because he was coughing non-stop," Riggio told AAP.

"We were on antibiotics by that stage, so we would have been getting sort of better but we lost a lot of weight because we weren't eating well and there's a lot of stress on your body.

"We started to get sick at the Olympic challenge but we wanted to stay in and would have fought against them getting rid of us." Riggio says their opponents, who they have become good friends with, were also suffering ahead of Tuesday's episode while MKR's resident villain Lauren also had health issues.

"I know Lauren was really sick for a while and Alex nearly got pneumonia but that's what happens when your immune system is down and you are working so hard," Riggio said.

"It's hard to sleep when there have a thousand things to think about ... and we got really sick with the flu, which was horrible but there's nothing you can do about it. You just have to push through."

She said one major issue they were concerned with during Tuesday night's challenge and again on Wednesday was not infecting any of the contestants or the judges.

"We tried to stay as clean as possible. I didn't want to get anyone sick," she said.

"JP had a bottle of whiskey with him, which he swigged during the night to get rid of the germs in his throat."


The words you would never think to hear.."I'd prefer to have NO sauce at all..than this" - ManuMy Kitchen Rules sudden death cook-off, tonight 7.30 on Seven.

Posted by My Kitchen Rules on Tuesday, 22 March 2016

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