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Michelle Bridges Shows Off Adorable Baby Axel!

He’s only four months old, but Michelle Bridges and Steve 'Commando' Willis’ son Axel is already a chip off the ol’ block.

Sitting on his mum’s lap, Axel looks exactly like his mum AND his dad, which is rare at just four months old.

Oh bubba...a fav share with other lovers.... 💋❤️🐰#love

A photo posted by Michelle Bridges (@mishbridges) on

Look at those gorgeous baby blues!

While he seems to love getting out and about to cafes with mum, Axel also loves attending training sessions with his fit mum, too.

Speaking exclusively to the Daily Mail Australia last month, Michelle said Axel enjoys coming along to her training sessions.

No words ❤️❤️❤️

A photo posted by Michelle Bridges (@mishbridges) on

'He comes to training, but not every time,’ she explained.

'But definitely when we go out outdoors.


A photo posted by Michelle Bridges (@mishbridges) on

We go on big long walks together. He has been to the gym with me a few times and he quite likes it,' Michelle said.

Source: Daily Mail

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