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Mel Gibson To Return In Lethal Weapon 5

It was the film that shot Mel Gibson to super stardom, and it's now been confirmed that there will be another Lethal Weapon film, this time around will be the fifth in the hugely successful franchise.

It has been reported that Gibson will return as Detective Martin Riggs, and according to Deadline he, along with co-star Danny Glover and director Richard Donner, have been 'huddling on the possibility.'

'In the scenario we've heard Donner would direct and Channing Gibson [writer of Lethal Weapon 4] would script,' it said.

'There are many moving parts, but we've heard that all are on board and exploring another film.' '

It would move forward, of course, at Warner Bros., the studio that has brought audience four in the franchise,' continued the report.

The first film was released back in 1987, telling the story of two police officers Gibson's character - a young widowed and depressed Vietnam veteran and his partner, family man Roger Murtaugh (played by Danny Glover).

Reluctant to work together at first, the unlikely pair soon become good friends.

The Lethal Weapon franchise grossed $955.2 million worldwide, and was most recently turned into a TV show starring Damon Wayons and Clayne Crawford in 2016.

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