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Megan Gale’s New Baby Girl Is Officially A Cutie

Megan Gale gave birth to a baby girl last week, did you know that?

Not that many people did, as she only did one post five weeks ago that some people may have missed.

Now, the little bub is officially a week old - and yet to be named.

Megs posted a photo of her and her daughter on her instagram today, snuggled up, seemingly just after giving birth.

The model look fresh-faced and luminous, as usual, as she clutched to her beautiful ‘precious girl’.

Megs captioned the gorgeous snap, ‘Hard to believe a week has passed since we welcomed our precious girl into the world and our lives. This photo was taken exactly a week ago while I was enjoying my first cuddle with her.’

And then gave a name update; ‘She is yet to be officially named but we're getting close. 💖 @shampson_’

The couple’s son is named River; a super cute and cool choice, what do you think she’ll go for for her daughter?

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