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Meet The New Contestants You'll Love To Hate On MKR

Following the shock elimaination of Lisa and Matt Brand on MKR, it was time to welcome six fresh teams for a brand new round.

We met for besties Caitie & Demi, first loves Brett & Marie, mother and daughter team Valerie & Courtney, cousins Lama & Sarah, footy friends Mark & Chrisand business women Mell & Cyn.

First to plate up were Melbourne mates, Mark & Chris, who welcomed the other teams to their footy-themed restaurant called The Fifth Quarter, complete with AFL memorabilia and a giant wall hanging of the MCG!

The boys have been friends since high school and both have Italian backgrounds, so they wanted to prove just how well they can cook together.

Judge Colin Fassnidge arrived with guest judge Darren Robertson and Valerie got a bit flushed when she met the charming Irishman in the flesh!

Mark & Chris started the night off with an entree of Spaghetti with pipis, lemon zest and parsley.

Caitie admitted she didn't even know what pippis are, which saw some contestants rolling their eyes, especially Mel and Cyn.

The two business women made their presence known early on and didn't hold back when they dismissed the entree as a 'simple dish' after having already cast doubt about the boys culinary abilities because in their eyes they are 'too young'

Being proud Italians the boys were worried about their spaghetti being perfect, unfortunately it wasn't and both judges were unimpressed, telling the boys they were "behind by 5 goals"

However, the main meal of swordfish with black garlic polenta and tequila caper sauce saw the boys well and truly back in the game, with Colin describing it as having been "cooked perfectly"

The other contestants all agreed.... except for Mell and Cyn who thought that it "tasted like polenta"

The judges told Mark & Chris they needed to 'bring it home' for their dessert, and the boys delivered big-time with what proved to be a total show-stopper!

The boys created an AMAZING mint chocolate melting ball with chocolate soil and it left everyone gasping in astonishment!

The meal involved pouring chocolate sauce over a chocolate dome filled with ice cream before making the dessert melting in on itself.

It worked to perfection and the judges were VERY impressed, as was everyone else bar Mel & Cyn when their chocolate ball didn't melt....oh dear...!

The guys ended up with a decent final score from the judges of 70.

Next time we'll see how 22 year old best friends Caitie and Demi measure up.

(And see how many catty comments we get from Mel & Cyn)

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