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MAFS Nadia Has Spoken Out About Her Husband Anthony

An epic feud on Tuesday night’s episode of Married, At First Sight, left Australia in shock after Anthony let loose on Cheryl.

His wife Nadia has been left far from happy about.

The attack came after Cheryl re-entered the experiment with jilted groom Andrew and it was non-stop.

"You better get it right, you are going to look like an f------ idiot if you get it wrong,” Anthony told the salon owner, who sat at the table in tears.

Needless to say, he is not in the good books with Nadia, who told OK! Magazine "You don’t treat women that way, regardless,"

After sitting through the dinner, Nadia says ‘’"When we got home I totally told him that what he said that night was inappropriate and that I thought he went too far," she tells us.

"I have a duty as well in the relationship, and if I want it to continue, I knew I had to be authentic with him and tell him that I can’t let him treat people like that."

"He loves to have an opinion. He’s a race caller at the end of the day, so loves to call it as he thinks he sees it... especially as he’s got an opinion and values about what he sees a relationship should look like."

But this isn’t the end of the couple, with Nadia continuing to say "I think we are going through a big learning curve. I’m still learning about him, and all the cracks are starting to show," Nadia admits.

"I want to see how he deals with me putting him in his place."

Married at First Sight Continues on Channel Nine, Monday at 7:30 PM.

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