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MAFS’s Jonesy Hooked Up On Tinder WHILE On The Show!

If there was one story that had us grasping the edge of our seats this season of Married At First Sight, it would have to be that of Andrew ‘Jonesy’ Jones and Cheryl Maitland.

After proving unlucky in love the first time round, the pair decided to see if they could do a better job than the experts.

However, things quickly went downhill and last night they officially called it quits.


While Cheryl has made headlines for inviting another man into her bed - while Jonesy was already asleep in there, it would seem she’s not the only one to invite someone to bed!

Woman’s Day has revealed the Perth firefighter hooked up with a woman on Tinder while filming the reality tv show.

According to the unidentified female, she visited him at his hotel room on what would have been his wedding night to bride number one, Lauren.

She said he was open about his role on the reality show and not long after their hook up called to reveal he’d been rematched on the show.

“He called me to say (the producers) were matching him with someone else and that he was sorry,” she told the mag.

“A few weeks later, he texted me saying he'd been matched with a Gold Coast bimbo who wasn't his type.”

    After his drunken descriptions of Cheryl last week on the show, we’re not sure this is going to help his image...

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