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The Secret Producers Kept From The Intruder Couples

For a while all of us dedicated Married At First Sight viewers knew that the reality TV show would be trying something new this year and were sending in intruder couples to stir the pot.

But it turns out that the contestants themselves had absolutely no idea at the time of filming. And yes, that’s including the ones who were actually the intruders!

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The hubby loves to steal a cheeky kiss! 💋🙊 #MAFS

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Two new couples, Dan and Tamara and Billy and Susie entered the experiment four weeks later than all of the other couples and entered the dinner party this week as the newbies.

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What a perfect day! 👰🏼🤵🏼 #MAFS

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But according to one of the intruders, Billy, they didn’t actually know that the other couples had been married for longer than they had.

“I was like, ‘Why are they so excited to see us? That’s a bit full on, isn’t it? Hmm, they’re very, very welcoming people’,” he said to 9 Honey.

“It didn’t click for me that this was the fourth week of the experiment…I just thought everyone had a few hours to get to know each other, so I was like, ‘Sweet. There guys are nice and familiar with each other. Cool’.”

That must’ve been one massive shock when they eventually realised they were the intruders! A little heads up on this one would’ve been nice, producers.

Both new couples experienced their first ever commitment ceremony and it was a bit of a doozy, especially for Billy.

He chose to “stay” with his wife Susie last night despite their very rocky start. Susie also chose to stay but not before she received a bit of a smack down from expert John Aiken for the rude way she was speaking with Billy.

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John calls Susie out. #MAFS

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They weren’t the most troubled couple of the night though. Original couple Dino and Mel chose to leave the experiment after Dino was caught recording Mel’s conversation with her sister.

Mick and Jess also had some issues on the couch, after Mick called out Jess’ seductive behaviour towards intruder Dan at the last dinner party.

Married At First Sight continues tonight at 7:30pm on Channel Nine.

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