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MAFS Is Apparently Getting An All-Star Season

After what was undoubtably the best season of Married at First Sight ever we’re betting that producers were stuck with what to do next when they headed back to the drawing board to prepare for another season.

How on earth could they top the record breaking ratings that came from all of the break ups, wife-swaps and the ultimate evil queen that ruled it all, Davina. It seemed like an impossible task.

But I guess if you’ve got a good thing, stick to it, because apparently instead of starting from scratch producers have decided to go with something that they know works. That’s right, MAFS is about to get an all-star season.

In similar fashion to what other reality shows like Survivor and Big Brother have done in the past, MAFS is attempting to bring back some of their most popular cast members to give them a second chance at love.

Um hello, guys, did no one tell you that you actually CAN find someone outside of the reality tv world? 


As for who will be walking down the aisle to marry a complete stranger for a second time, TV insider has said that Jo McPharlin, Ryan Gallagher, Dean Wells, Andrew “Jonesy” Jones, Patrick Miller and Alene Khatcherian are among the ex-brides and grooms willing to participate in the all-star series.

I guess second time’s the charm right? Well not if you take John for example who was famously paired with bat-sh*t crazy bride Deb who resented John for not being Polynesian, before returning last season when things didn’t work out.

He was then partnered with Melissa, and after we all got our hopes up thinking they would last, they “selfishly” went and broke up last month, devastating dedicated audience members everywhere.

So I guess what we’re saying is that we're not really going into this all-star series with the hopes that we’re going to witness some of our favourites finally find love.

But let’s be honest, that’s not really why we watch it…BRING ON THE DRAMA!

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