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MAFS Bride Susan DUMPS Her Heartbroken Groom Sean

Married At First Sight fans were left reeling last night after Susan shocked viewers by dumping farmer Sean on national television after admitting she loved him. The Queensland farmer and Perth girl hit it off as soon as they met at the aisle and seemed adamant they weren't going to let distance affect their love story.

While Susan questioned the isolation during her farm stay, things appeared back on track when the city girl admitted she would move for love during a Q&A at the group dinner party last week. But after a week away and a very blunt conversation with bestie Gemma cracks appeared to show in their relationship. While Susan gushed over Sean her friend gave her a dose of reality, telling her it would never work...oh no, she didn't... 

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'Can a relationship last with your lifestyles being different?' she asked her friend. 

'How can you possibly, as a city girl who loves the beach, who loves the spontaneity of life, be with someone whose a country boy, a farm boy?'  

'I just don't see how this could be something worthwhile for you... That's just not what you want in life.' 

While Susan was left questioning her lifestyle change, Sean longed for his onscreen wife to end his loneliness. 

'It is very hard and it does hurt a lot. Finding love is hard, because I am isolated out in where I live,' he says in a moment made all the more crushing by what would follow. 

'That's why I've tried this experiment,' the cowboy adds. 

'I am lonely and, as hard as it is to admit, I'm not afraid to speak up and say you do get lonely sometimes.' 

In a bizarre final commitment ceremony, Sean laid it all on the line, declaring the pair were a 'perfect match.' 

'From the moment I met you at the altar and you grabbed my hand, I felt an immediate connection with you and I was instantly at ease.' 

'You're everything I could ever want, I'm so happy I've met you and you've changed my life for the better.' 

While Susan gazed into the farmer's eyes with a massive grin on her face, she did the last thing we all expected...break his heart. After declaring: 'I love you' and that her 'heart wants nothing more than to ride off into the sunset together forever' she administered the final blow. 

'I've decided I can't be in a relationship with you." - ouch!

She then concluded: 'I hope we can be the best of friends.'

Like the true legend he is farmer Sean graciously accepted her decision. Can he just be cast on Farmer Wants A Wife already!?  

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