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Could Ellen Degeneres Play Samantha In Sex And The City 3?

When rumours of a third installment of the Sex and the City film franchise were first spread around we were ready to lay back with our cosmopolitan's and catch up on all the goss with New York's most infamous girl gang.

But alas, our dreams were dashed when Kim Cattrall, famous for portraying the confident and sexual deviant Samantha, said that she wouldn't be coming back for another film.

And while we've started to come to terms with the fact that we wouldn't be getting a third film, Sarah Jessica Parker has other ideas and has proposed that Ellen Degeneres should take on the daring role!

On Wednesday, the actress who made Carrie Bradshaw famous, appeared on Ellen's talk show where she was asked if the film could be made without Cattrall.

"There's a period of grief, a mourning process, and then perhaps we'll be able to consider, say for instance, YOU playing Samantha," joked Parker to the sounds of resounding applause from the studio audience.

"[She's] so me," Ellen joked in return. "That's who I identify with on that show."

"That is me. I am a sexual beast. I talk about it a lot. I do it a lot. This is a facade. When you meet me as a real person out in the world, this is my talk show persona."

Now of course we realise that they were joking around, but can you imagine it? Ellen would be HILARIOUS in this role! And after all she has quite a long history in acting.

Come on HBO! Let's get Degeneres on board and get this ball rolling!

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