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Lisa Oldfield Labels Her Son A "Di**head" And "Terrorist"

Lisa Oldfield is no stranger to controversy and she’s been stirring up plenty of it during the first two episodes of The Real Housewives of Sydney.  

The wife of former politician David Oldfield labelled her four-year-old son a ‘terrorist’ and a “di**head” after he refused to go for a swim in the family’s pool.

"I pity ISIS if he goes to Syria to fight them" she joked to the camera.

THe jibe came after four-year-old son Burt refused to get into the pool, exclaiming the water was "stinging” him. In tears he proceeded to tell his reality star mum he’d urinated on himself and called her a “f**king idiot.” We wonder where he picked up that language from…

The couple's live in nanny came to the rescue, whisking the boy upstairs for a hot shower. David, now a stay at home dad (despite the nanny...) defended his son's actions, telling Lisa he's a "great kid."

My @beautiful #boys ! #rhos #rhosydney

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Following last night's episode, Lisa took to Instagram posting a video of she and her two sons, who stated how much they loved their mum.

She was also forced to defend her children's language, telling the Daily Mail: "He's whip smart. And he's foul-mouthed. As long as he's an honest and decent human being, they can use all the language they like." 

It's going to be a very interesting series! 

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