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Two Of The Couples On The Block Don't Like Each Other!

They are The Block’s biggest rivals and it looks like it’s about to get even more heated between 34-year-old Georgia and 24-year-old Elyse.

Speaking to New Idea, Georgia has said 'With Josh and Elyse, there's a big age difference. You do see a difference in maturity because there's a lot less life experience there.'


Meanwhile, Elyse has told the publication that she and Josh are really unhappy with Georgia’s attitude saying 'We're about being kind to others and giving a helping hand when needed, because one day we might need it back.’

Last week we saw the teams go head-to-head over their budget allocations, leaving Georgia in tears.


The fight happened after'So ours is a bit of a strategic move and we think you guys are pretty amazing, pretty capable and so were going to just have to take $8,500 from your budget,' Georgia said. 

Josh had a spat with Ronnie and Georgia after hearing the news, saying: 'Wouldn't expect anything else from a couple like you guys.' 

The Block airs at 7:30PM on Channel Nine.

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