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MAFS Shock! Is Tracey PREGNANT With Dean's Baby?

In news that is shocking, but at the same time also sadly not out of character, come reports that Married At First Sight's most volatile couple, Tracey Jewel and Dean Wells, are expecting a child.

After Dean's affair with Davina Rankin and shocking 'boys night' chat where he talked about potentially swapping wives, it appears that the couple may have not only overcome these huge hurdles and stayed together, but may soon be parents.

Speaking to NW magazine, 35-year-old Davina said: 'I loved being pregnant the first time and I can't wait to experience it again.'


Tracey, who has a daughter from a previous marriage, was recently pictured showing what the publication described as a 'rather prominent bump'.

Tracey told NW that wanting a second child helped her forgive Dean for his disgraceful behavior on the show.

'Dean is such a wild card. I reckon he'd be a fun dad one minute and super strict the next' she said.

'Dean has made so many leaps and bounds since the cheating, and I wasn't willing to give up' 

So while it was always a matter of time until a MAFS couple fell pregnant, we didn't think it might be these two! 

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