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Is Much Loved Aussie Show 'SeaChange' About To Be Rebooted?

It's hard to believe, but the hugely popular Aussie series SeaChange ran for only three series from 1998 to 2000 but, it was a HUGE success during it's short run.

It's 39 episodes starred Sigrid Thornton as successful lawyer Laura, who decides to leave the city and make a 'SeaChange' to the coastal town of Pearl Bay with her two kids, after her husband is arrested for fraud and is then discovered to have been having an affair with Laura's sister.

Laura takes on the job of local magistrate where she encounters a number of textbook 'colourful characters' including dodgy real estate agent Bob Jelly and his trophy wife Heather, local gossip Meredith, and of course...Diver Dan! 

Laura and Dan's romance was a huge talking point, however Dan, played by David Wenham, left the show early in Series 2.

Now TV Tonight have reported that there are rumors, about a potential revival of the show which originally aired on the ABC.

Apparently two unnamed networks have made offers to ITV Studios Australia to bring it back “in some form.”

There is no word yet if a revived SeaChange would feature the original stars or a brand new cast, let's hope we hear some more developments SOON!

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