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HUGE TV Network Only Wants ‘Good-Looking Employees’

NBC is in biiiiiig trouble, Mister!

According to he New York Post, a fired NBC employee has claimed that a recruiter who initially contacted her for a job as a audio-visual coordinator told her NBC “specifically asked for good-looking employees”.

Stephanie Belanger, 25, said she was asked to “show her Facebook/Instagram profile to NBC before she could be interviewed.”

The claim, which was filed in the Manhattan Supreme Court, alleges disability discrimination, sexual harassment, and termination in retaliation after Belanger complained.

According to the ex-employee, her supervisor, John Carleo, had called her “a whore” and bragged that he had “the hottest coordinator in the office”.

While it was his behaviour that was disgraceful, Carleo told his coordinator that he had to fire her or his girlfriend “would break up with him”.

Belanger’s lawyer, Daniel Kaiser said the company’s apparent desire for attractive employees helped create a toxic workplace.

“NBC wanted good-looking employees, and she’s a very pretty girl,” he said, while adding that the company wasn’t shy about requesting social-media photos.

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