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How Goldie Hawn Explained God To A Tiny Kate Hudson Is Great

Religious beliefs can be difficult to articulate to other adults, let alone children.

But Goldie Hawn has revealed on Oprah's Master Class how she explained the concept of God to her 4-year-old daughter, Kate Hudson.

Kate had asked her mum how God fit into their family, and Goldie saw this moment as a pivotal one.

Whether you're religious or not - her response was beautiful!

"Katie, she was a baby. She was about 4. She said, 'Mommy, is God my cousin?'" Goldie said.

"I looked at her and I thought, OK, I'm on the hot seat now!

"I said, 'Well… I think God is everywhere, really… To feel God is what's really important," she said.

"You know that feeling just before you're going to laugh? That thing where you get all bubbled up?... It's like a bubble of laughter, but it hasn't come out yet…?

"That's what God feels like.

"It's a feeling of joy and love and well-being," she said.

"Your kids teach you so much.

"I thought, 'Gee, Gold, that was really good!' Because it's kind of what I thought but until somebody asks you what you think, sometimes you don't know.

"Sometimes you can't hear yourself or even your own thoughts."

Source: Huffington Post

Photo: Getty

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