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House Of Cards Final Season Trailer Has Dropped

I bet the creators of House Of Cards are thanking their lucky stars that they decided to bring Robin Wright’s character Claire Underwood into the spotlight at the end of the last season, otherwise we may not be giving you the news that we are right now.

The first teaser trailer for House Of Cards final season has just been released and that means that the show is coming back to our screens OH so soon!

Production on what was originally supposed to be the sixth and final season of the show was suspended after serious allegations of sexual misconduct were made against the leading actor, Kevin Spacey.

The accusation was made by Star Trek: Discovery star Anthony Rapp who details an incident of sexual misconduct that took place when he was only 14-years-old.

After this other people also came forward to accuse Spacey of similar incidents and so Netflix and producer of the show Media Rights Capital were forced to cut all ties with Spacey. This meant that the world was forced to say goodbye to his character Francis Underwood.

Many fans of the show thought that this would be the end of the show altogether but thankfully Netflix and MCR decided to salvage the season with a focus on Claire Underwood, who has just been voted as president of the United States.

In the short teaser trailer that premiered during the 90th annual Oscars we catch a glimpse at the bustling office of the white house.

The camera then enters Claire’s Oval Office where she does an impressively powerful swivel in her chair, stares straight into our souls and says, “We’re just getting started.” Then the words pop up on the screen “Hail to the chief”.

BOOM! This season is definitely going to be epic with this insane amount of GIRL POWER.

The final season resumed filming on Wednesday 31st January without Spacey but with a number of members of the original cast.

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