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Home & Away Is About To Tackle Its Toughest Storyline

Home & Away is about to take on one of its most shocking storylines of all times.

Over the years the soap opera has covered domestic violence, alcoholism and abortion but now it will deliver a long storyline about ice addiction.

While the decision is sure to fire people up, series producer Lucy Addario told that she felt it was one that was essential to make.

As Australia struggles with is own ice problem, series producer Addario said “We just felt like we couldn’t ignore it any longer,”

The storyline will follow Brody Morgan (Jackson Heywood), a restauranteur who turns to ice to help him cope with the pressures of running his business.

As addiction takes hold, he loses the restaurant he worked so hard to establish, steals from his loved ones and destroys relationships with family and friends.

The storyline will be playing out of the next several months and it will see him rage at his brother Justin (James Stewart) and steal from Scarlett’s (Tania Nolan).

Actor James Heywood said “Home and Away is a prime-time television show, it has reached. So we felt obligated to keep it as accurate as possible so we could educate people on what (ice addiction) looks like.’’

Home & Away airs on Channel 7, Monday to Thursday, at 7 PM.

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