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FURY As House Rules Results Leaked By Network A Day Early

While avoiding spoilers for major American TV shows is usually a battle-and-a-half thanks to the time difference, House Rules fans were left infuriated after Channel Seven themselves leaked the results of last night's show - a full DAY early.

Tuesday night's semi-final saw Kate and Harry, Aaron and Daniella and Andrew and Jono going head-to-head as the heated competition nears its end.

But a picture posted to the House Rules Facebook page before the show had even aired gave away the episode's results, with a shot of the scoreboard revealing that Kate and Harry had come top yet again with a perfect score.


The spoiler also gave away the pair who would be heading home, with Western Australian brothers Andrew and Jono scoring just 22 points in the semi-final.

Though the original photo was quickly removed it was too late; social media picked it up and various fan pages shared the premature result around.

And while some avid fans were hoping it was just a tactic "to get people talking", the spoiler was proved true when Andrew and Jono were forced to bow out of the competition.

Which means it's down to fan favourites Kate and Harry and Aaron and Daniella to battle it out in Sunday's grand finale!

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