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Fuller House Has Just Been Renewed For Season FOUR!

When we first heard that 90s show Full House was getting a reboot, I have to admit, I thought it had one season - tops.

Reboots so rarely work - so to hear today that we’ll be getting a season FOUR is very exciting indeed.

The official word from E! News is that Netflix has indeed renewed the widely successful spinoff, a decision that comes just a month after the second half of season three premiered.

According to E!, season four will be leaning on ‘nostalgia’, even more now that Danny (Bob Saget), Joey (Dave Coulier), Jesse (John Stamos) and Rebecca (Lori Loughlin) are all moving back to San Francisco, which will make their ‘pop-ins’ a whole lot easier to explain. "It got to be really repetitive for me every time the dads or Becky would show up.

We've had to bring them in with suitcases and reasons for them being there and it got to be the same thing over and over.

I'm looking forward to them just being in town and whenever the storyline works, they can just be part of the gang again without making a big deal out of it," series creator Jeff Franklin told TVLine late last year.

"It's going to feel much more normal to have them back in town.

It depends on how many episodes their schedule allows and how much Netflix orders. But hopefully we'll see more of them, not less."


Source: E! News

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